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> Wood pest & fungi

Fungi and pest management

Wood is a noble material which deserves protection against :

  • Insects with xylophagous larvae

    les insectes

    • Capicorn (hylotrupes bajulus)
    • Lyctus (lyctus linearis or brunneus)
    • Furniture beetle (anobium punctatum, xestobium rufovillosum)

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  •  Xylophagous insects

    Les termites   Termites

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  •  Nesting insects

    •  Carpenter bees (xylocopa violacea)
    •  Ants (hymenoptera formicidae)

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  •  Fungi

    Les champignons

    • Dry rot

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  •  Weathering

    • Rain, snow, hail
    • Sun
    • Temperature swings
  • Rules and laws

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