The KOATMAILLE glue is a strongly adhesive mortar which seals the KOATMAILLE mesh securely to concrete and masonry. Its specific formula is termite-resistant.


The KOATMAILLE glue is a single component formulation, which is mixed directly with water. Mix 10 kg of glue with 3 litres of water for the glue to remain consistent throughout its application.


Mix 10 kg of glue with 3 litres of water
Mix for 3 minutes using an appropriate mixer
Do not add water once the glue become consistent. This will make the glue ineffective.
Spread the glue over a wet surface with a spatula.
Press hard in order for the glue to pass through the KOATMAILLE mesh


The surface must be clean, smooth and cohesive
The surface must be wet, but not excessively wet
The KOATMAILLE glue can be applied in light rain
Never apply the KOATMAILLE glue in freezing temperatures
Breeze blocks can be put in place before the glue has dried
Mortar solidifies more quickly with the glue
The mesh is specifically designed to let the glue penetrate through its holes, thereby ensuring that it is sealed securely to concrete and masonry


Hermetically sealed tub: 20 kg
Keep in dry cool place
Keep for one year in its original packaging


Grey power
Relative density: 1.6
Grain size: 0/050 mm
Adhesive strength: > 2.2 MPa


1 tub for 60 ml for KOATMAILLE mesh measuring 10 cm de large


Rinse with water