The KOATMAILLE mesh is made from tightly woven 316L stainless steel wires. The holes in the mesh are smaller than a worker termite’s head, which makes the mesh impenetrable to all species of termites worldwide


The KOATMAILLE mesh is designed to fit every termite entry point into a building, including the perimeter of the concrete slab, ducts, piping, cracks, and more.

Depending on the type of construction, the KOATMAILLE mesh can either be glued onto the concrete foundation slab or immersed into the concrete.

For ducts, sheathing and piping, the KOATMAILLE mesh is bent into a cylindrical collar to fit the specific entry point, using clamping clips to keep its shape. This is done directly on the building site. The collar is then either glued to the entry point or immersed into the concrete.

The KOATMAILLE termite barrier has received technical approval from the French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB).


Roll: 50 m x 10 cm


316 L stainless steel
Finely-woven mesh


Around the concrete slab of the building