Water-repellent, penetrating oil
for outdoor timber – Droplet effect

For vertical surfaces: chalets, cabins, sheds, cladding
For horizontal surfaces: decking, deck tiles, duckboards



KOATWOOD is an outdoor preservative oil for pressure-treated wood, European timber (pine, spruce, red cedar, douglas, larch) and exotic timber (African teak, massaranduba, badi and movingui). KOATWOOD’s penetrative action makes wood waterproof, which reduces damage caused by climatic changes and adverse weather conditions, and stops wood from greying


Apply to clean, dry and dust-free wood.
Apply using a brush, roller or spray gun. Make sure the spray gun is set at a low pressure and that the spray is not too fine as this creates mist.
When using KOATWOOD for the first time, apply a second coat a few days later. Make sure the wood has completely absorbed KOATWOOD before applying the second coat. This will take longer for exotic timbers, which absorb treatment at a slower rate.


Renew the treatment when the sun and rain have worn away KOATWOOD’s damp, droplet appearance.
No need to scrape or sand
Clear the timber of dust
Apply one coat if the wood is in good condition. If not, apply a second coat several days later.


Do not apply KOATWOOD when rain is forecast within 48 hours.
Protect surrounding vegetation when applying KOATWOOD.
For decks, deck tiles and duckboards, wait several days before walking on the treated areas.


Containers: 1 l, 5 l and 25 l


Transparent, pine-coloured
Ready for use
Density: 0.901
Flashpoint: 170°C


First usage: 5 to 10 m2/l
Maintenance :10 to 20 m2/l